How does it work?

An oral solution that understands how imbalanced intestinal flora affects normal gut function adults. 1

Resistance to Physical and Chemical Agents

By nature, Bacillus clausii is resistant to numerous physical and chemical agents, including the ability to survive the acid of the stomach to get to the deep intestine. 1

Polyantibiotic resistance

The formula can survive the presence of numerous antibiotic classes, including penicillins, tetracyclines and macrolides, so that it may be used whilst undergoing treatment. 1

Intestinal flora

Enterogermina® 6 Billion contains Bacillus clausii spores that arrive in the digestive tract and restore lost intestinal flora that may be causing symptoms of gut disorder. 1

Benefits of Enterogermina® 6 Billion

Spores of Bacillus clausii assist in bringing bacterial balance to the gut, so that microbiota can naturally be restored.

Maintains optimal gut flora balance thanks to Bacillus clausii 1

Addresses numerous causes of digestive trouble 1

Reduces incidents of abdominal pain and diarrhea 1

Restores bacterial balance to improve immune system

Works toward better overall gut health

Practical Info 1


Shake well


Tear the sachet open


Dissolve in a glass of water and swallow the content

Dosage 1

Adults (from 16 years)

1 sachet per day to be given at regular intervals

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterogermina® works with the body to restore natural balance in the gut. You’ve probably got a few questions for us; check out our FAQ and download a copy of our leaflet to keep. 1

  • Enterogermina® 6 Billion is a Probiotic that relieves diarrhea caused by the imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut and the effects of antibiotic use.

    Enterogermina® 6 Billion anti-diarrhea medicine for adults contains Bacillus clausii, the friendly bacteria normally present in your intestine, and is known to be effective in enhancing digestive health.

  • Enterogermina® 6 Billion probiotic is used for women and men to bring back the health of your gut, which is compromised by intestinal infections, poisoning, use of antibiotics, or food disorder.

  • Enterogermina® 6 Billion is a probiotic, It contains Bacillus clausii, a friendly bacteria normally present in the intestine that effective in enhancing digestive health.

    Bacillus clausii belong to the group of bacteria with the ability to form spores. This helps the bacteria resist harsh conditions that may alter its efficacy.

  • - Maintains the gut flora balance

    - Effective management of diarrhea

    - Resistant to antibiotics

    - Helps in restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria

  • - Effectively relieves the symptoms of diarrhea and reduces the duration

    - Restores the balance of gut flora

    - Reduces the gastrointestinal side effects of antibiotics

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Enterogermina® works with the body in delivering good bacteria in order to prevent intestinal disorder, maintain gut health, and balance microbiota in adults and children. 2


Stay Informed

Getting to know your gut, and identifying your personal triggers, is the first step to better intestinal health. Stay informed as to how gut microbiota become negatively affected by everything from traveling to seasonal changes, and how to bring about internal balance to your life. 4