Gut Disorders?

When your intestinal flora becomes unbalanced, it can result in symptoms like gut discomfort, diarrhea, bloating and more. This imbalance is the consequence of various stimuli, in both adults and kids.4


Gut Disorders and Symptoms

Uncomfortable digestive conditions are our gut’s way of letting us know that something has become out of balance. Learn how to identify these different symptoms — are any familiar to you?4

Enterogermina®'s treatment indications1,2,3

Enterogermina® will improve your digestive health. It will scan the gut for intestinal flora imbalance and deliver billions of good bacteria to treat both the condition and associated symptoms. 1,2.3


Stay Informed

Getting to know your gut, and identifying your personal triggers, is the first step to better intestinal health. Stay informed as to how gut microbiota become negatively affected by everything from traveling to seasonal changes, and how to bring about internal balance to your life.4

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