How does it work?

A tasteless, odorless treatment of friendly bacteria that works to restore the body when intestinal flora is experiencing imbalance. (1)

Anti-bacterial attacks

Enterogermina® 2 Billion increases the body’s ability to resist attacks from bacteria and viruses in the gut by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic strains. 1

Nutrient absorption

A healthy gut requires the support of sufficient nutrients. Enterogermina® 2 billion helps facilitate digestion by its ability to produce vitamins. 1

Intestinal flora

Each dose delivers billions of Bacillus clausii spores into the digestive tract where they work to restore intestinal flora, laying the foundation for symptom relief to occur. 1

Benefits of Enterogermina® 2 Billion

Bacillus clausii spores fight against gut disorders so that microbiota can thrive. 1

Restores natural balance in the gut 1

Works in conjunction with antibiotics 1

Rebalances vitamins in the intestine thanks to targeted probiotics 1

Inhibits growth of pathogenic bacterial strains

Facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the gut 1

Practical Info


Shake well


Twist top to open


Swallow the contents 

Dosage 1

Breastfeeding Infants and Children

1-2 vials per day in regular intervals as directed

Adults (from 16 years)

2-3 vials per day as directed

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterogermina® works with the body to restore natural balance in the gut. You’ve probably got a few questions for us; check out our FAQ and download a copy of our leaflet to keep.

  • Enterogermina® 2 Billion is a probiotic for kids that contains Bacillus Clausii, friendly bacteria normally present in the gut that turns unhappy tummies to happy ones. The bacteria maintain a healthy relationship with the body such that there are no side effects or any major issues. It has a symbiotic relationship with the host organism which ensures a win-win situation for both.

  • Enterogermina® 2 Billion maintains the gut flora balance and restore this balance in the gut to improve immunity. It addresses the root cause of digestive system troubles such as diarrhea and promotes faster return of bacterial balance in the gut.

  • Enterogermina® 2 Billion is probiotic, It contains Bacillus clausii, a friendly bacteria normally present in the intestine that restores the health of tiny tummies2 Bacillus clausii belong to the group of bacteria with the ability to form spores. This helps the bacteria resist harsh conditions that may alter its efficacy.

  • - Maintains the gut flora balance

    - Effective management of diarrhea

    - Resistant to antibiotics

    - Helps in restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria


  • - Helps restore the balance in the gut

    - A relief from diarrhea and the symptoms that come with it

    - It restores normal intestinal flora

    - It promotes a faster return of bacterial balance in the gut of infants.


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Enterogermina®’s range will scan the gut for intestinal flora imbalance and deliver billions of good bacteria to treat both the condition and associated symptoms. 1


Stay Informed

Getting to know your gut, and identifying your personal triggers, is the first step to better intestinal health. Stay informed as to how gut microbiota become negatively affected by everything from traveling to seasonal changes, and how to bring about internal balance to your life. 4