Beat the Back-to-School Blues

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Bad bacteria and viruses love schools and playgrounds. There's a reason why kids pick up bugs and infections in schools and daycare centres.

Lots of kids in close confines in classrooms and playgrounds easily spread micro-organisms. Unwashed hands, or contaminated surfaces and communal bathroom facilities can all be sources of unwanted bacteria and viruses.

One of the most important things you can do for your kids to stop them from constantly getting sick and missing school, is to regularly give them a good probiotic. 1

70% of the body's immune system is housed in the gut, and in order to function properly, the microbiota has to be in balance. 2

Signs that your child's immune system is under pressure

Constant colds and flu

Your child is constantly getting colds, flu and other viral infections, such as chicken pox or measles. Constant diarrhoea can also be a sign of an immune system which is under pressure. 3

Lack of energy

Your child seems tired all the time, sleeps poorly, and lacks vitality.

Tummy troubles

Diarrhoea and stomach ailments could point to your child's microbiota being out of balance, and therefore his/her immune system could be under pressure. A good probiotic can help to restore this balance. 1


What you can do to help your child

A healthy diet

Pack healthy school lunches, with lots of fruit and other fibre-rich foods. Minimise your child's junk food intake as far as you can.1

Hand washing

Get your child into a habit of regular hand washing before eating meals - even at school.2

A healthy lifestyle

Lead by example, and make sure your child gets enough regular sleep, gets some exercise, and learns some stress-relieving techniques.2


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