Key Facts

Learn how this inclusive range of products helps maintain and manage digestive conditions associated with poor gut health.

Uses of Enterogermina®

When experiencing symptoms of gut disorders, Enterogermina’s range may be used to restore balance to the intestines. They offer internal restoration and relief when adults, children and infants need it most.

Benefits of Enterogermina® Products

Enterogermina® has the ability to restore internal balance and alleviate dysbiosis related to disorders such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain and bloating. There is also a probiotic benefit for the gut when using Enterogermina® during antibiotic treatment.

Recommended Users for Enterogermina®

Enterogermina® can be used by infants (from 1 month old), children and adults who are suffering from or would like to prevent intestinal disharmony that may be influenced by lifestyle, diet, antibiotic treatment, or travel.

How can Bacillus clausii help you solve your gut problems?

Bacillus clausii is a type of spore-forming good bacteria that works to rebalance the intestine. When consumed regularly (or as advised by a healthcare practitioner), it can help to reduce the incidence of symptoms associated with gut disorders 2


Enterogermina® in Action

Enterogermina’s range aims to solve a number of conditions associated with poor intestinal wellbeing as a result of an imbalanced microbiota. If your gut disorder was triggered by imbalance due to one of the following scenarios, Enterogermina® can help:

Routine Changes

Schedule disruptions and new environments can have a negative influence on the gut’s normal flora balance. 3


Travelling can lead to exposure to pathogenic bacteria, which puts the gut at risk, and this could lead to a case of travellers' diarrhoea. 4


A poor diet is one of the main causes of recurring intestinal discomfort in both adults and children. 5


Periods of stress can trigger intense gastrointestinal issues, including diarrhoea, constipation, cramping and gas retention. 6

Antibiotics & Drugs

Prescription medications, including antibiotics, usually slow the growth of good gut bacteria, which may result in intestinal discomfort. 7

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Enterogermina’s range of products works with the body in delivering specific solutions to various digestive needs. They offer quality good bacteria that help prevent imbalance and maintain gut health in adults and children.


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Learn how different daily triggers could be contributing to intestinal disorder, and how a good probiotic could be the ally you didn't know you needed.

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