Clinically proven that Enterogermina® helps

Restores intestinal flora balance to contribute to positive gut immunity1, 2

Addresses the root cause of digestive troubles and promotes recovery of microflora balance in gut

Enterogermina® characteristics

~100% gastric acid survival. Optimal delivery with spore format which can transit through gastric barrier 3

Reaches its destination alive and multiplies Above Initial Dosage in the intestine 3

Individual and advanced design - liquid vial format. Convenient and hygienic, and can be consumed anytime and anywhere

Made in Italy, with strict quality control

No sugars, no preservatives, no colours, no taste, no added lactose, no gluten

How to consume Enterogermina®


Shake well


Twist top to open


Swallow the contents or dilute with drinks (e.g. water, milk, tea, juice)

* Ingest between antibiotic administrations during treatment with antibiotics.

Please follow HCP advice on consumption

Infants (1 month+)

1-2 vials per day at regular intervals of 3-4 hours


1-2 vials per day at regular intervals of 3-4 hours


2-3 vials per day at regular intervals of 3-4 hours

Ingredient & Pack size

  • 2 billion/ 5 ml, oral suspension
  • 20 vials per box 

Stay informed

Learn how different daily triggers could be contributing to intestinal discomfort, and how a good probiotic can be the companion you never knew you needed!