Key probiotic facts

Some probiotics occur naturally in foods, while others can be taken as a daily supplement. Start learning what kind of probiotic can bring most benefit to your gut.

What do probiotics do?

Probiotics work to balance and restore the levels of good gut bacteria that become compromised due to daily triggers. They may alleviate, treat and prevent symptoms of gut discomfort in both adults and children.

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

While probiotics increase the population of good bacteria in the body, prebiotics are a form of plant fiber that acts as food for these bacteria. Prebiotics may aid a probiotic in being more effective.

How to Use Probiotics

A probiotic supplement can be taken daily, as directed in individual product instructions.

Gut discomfort

Everyone will suffer from intestinal imbalance at some point in life. Common daily triggers will affect adults and children alike.

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Gut discomfort and symptoms

We all experience uncomfortable digestive conditions from time to time. This is our gut’s way of letting us know that something is out of balance. Learn how to identify these different symptoms — do any of them sound familiar?

How can Bacillus clausii help you solve your gut problems?

Bacillus clausii is a type of spore-forming good bacteria that works to rebalance the intestine. When consumed orally, it can help treat and prevent different conditions associated to gut imbalance.

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Stay informed

Learn how different daily triggers could be contributing to intestinal discomfort, and how a good probiotic can be the companion you never knew you needed!