All Enterogermina products contain scientifically proven probiotics to restore gut flora balance and support gut health.

We aim to be transparent not only about which ingredients are used in our formulas, but also what their purpose are and how they’re produced.

Our products are:

  • made with high-quality ingredients
  • developed in a strictly-controlled and precise manner
  • developed under Good Manufacturing Practices conditions
  • packaged in a clean environment to avoid dust and particle contamination


We’re actively working on transforming our packaging to meet our customers’ evolving expectations.

Recycled Materials (100% of our tertiary packaging)

We prioritise packaging materials made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Sustainable Materials (more than 90% of our secondary packaging)

We favour FSC-certified materials which adhere to sustainable forest-management practices

Reduced packaging

Where possible, we remove superfluous packaging, like leaflets in our food supplements.


Enterogermina team want to play our part in the global movement to create a healthier planet. Our manufacturing sites in Sanofi Consumer Healthcare implement daily actions who drove concrete results already.

Our sustainability commitments

Our sustainability commitments extend beyond Enterogermina

Learn how our parent company, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, is taking action to build healthier communities and a healthier planet.

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